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 Shifter ♔ Campbell, London G.

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London G. Campbell


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PostSubject: Shifter ♔ Campbell, London G.    February 4th 2013, 7:04 pm


London Gray Campbell

look ma no hands and no darling I don’t dance

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London’s family had always lived in Perth. There wasn’t a time that you couldn’t find a Campbell running around the town. Though what the local humans didn’t know was that their neighbors had a large secret. For the Campbells were actually a large family full of shifters. Not everyone happened to spend time as a red fox, but the majority of them did. His mother was the head of their clan and loved to boss everyone around and taught London almost all of the pick up lines he knows. She was also the one to name all of her children after different cities she wanted to sight see, but never had the time or money to visit. Declan, London's father, on the other hand was pure human like two of his five children. Even though he was different Declan was fascinated by the shifters and was about to take the bite before he died.

London was the oldest of his five siblings and the wild child of the bunch. He would be often found running around town flirting and pulling pranks on everyone, but what only his younger siblings knew was that he loved to read. London was the one to teach them all everything about literature and to make sure they actually went to school even when he didn’t. With one of his aunts he even taught them the basics of protecting themselves. Though all that changed when the fire nation hunters attacked.

No one knows how the hunters found out their secret but what they did know was that out of the whole clan only a few survived. Out of the almost thirty Campbells left in town only two survived. London and his youngest sibling had been on a trip celebrating his sister's sixteenth birthday. When they finally returned home both children were devastated. They left as fast as they could moving to Paris to hide with some distant relatives. London used his grief to focus on getting his teaching degree and making sure his sister had a good house to live in. The only indulgence he gave himself were his tattoos which matched ones his mother once had. After London got his degree he took a job in Dresdon teaching Literature to the older children finally settling down to try and relax again.

PLACE OF BIRTH, Perth, Scotland.

FACE CLAIM, BLEACH, abarai renji — london campbell

INVENTORY, a picture of his family, his current reading material, and his glasses.


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PostSubject: Re: Shifter ♔ Campbell, London G.    February 5th 2013, 10:38 pm

Thanks for joining Anomia! London seems like a really interesting character, which is why I'm setting this on pending (sort of). Because it says it's a freeform app, but we really want to be able to get a feel for what kind of person your character is. And he's got a super interesting history, so I'd love to be able to read a little bit more about who he is, how the accident changed him as a person (if at all) and all of that good stuff. Once that's fixed, he'll be well on his merry way! Thank you.
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London G. Campbell


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PostSubject: Re: Shifter ♔ Campbell, London G.    February 7th 2013, 4:23 am

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PostSubject: Re: Shifter ♔ Campbell, London G.    February 8th 2013, 4:47 pm

Welcome to Anomia! After careful consideration, your application has been approved for roleplay and is now in our roster. Before you get to play with your new character, please remember to put a plot ad up! We're really happy that you've joined us and look forward to causing mayhem on our characters!

wow, fantastic baby!
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PostSubject: Re: Shifter ♔ Campbell, London G.    

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Shifter ♔ Campbell, London G.

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