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 Shifter ♔ Nivatus, Alora U.

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Alora U. Nivatus

Alora U. Nivatus

Gender : Female Posts : 12
Year : Third Year

Karats : 186

PostSubject: Shifter ♔ Nivatus, Alora U.   Shifter ♔ Nivatus, Alora U. EmptyFebruary 4th 2013, 8:06 pm

Shifter ♔ Nivatus, Alora U. 976e7eddd1316f4e3ea7f533eb433

Third Year
October 15th

Alora Urrea Nivatus

Love is rich with both honey and venom

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A cold stare always given, a smile a legend that no one believes to be true. Words rarely escape her mouth; they are conveyed through art when the urge bothers. Her demeanor --mysterious, cold, yet caring -- is yearned to be known and accepted by most. She accepts none, distance always the main characteristic in her relationships. Her thoughts swirl with philosophical questions that eat at her brain until she can create and ask more. With smarts is a beauty, the strength of her beauty left all speechless with only the ability to stare.
"Audi, Vide, Tace" -- Is her main reply to almost everything, meaning "Hear, see, be silent." Such fluency in Latin left people wondering her origins.
An old soul, such a phrase is the utmost perfect description for her. Her demeanor giving off the feeling that she was a prominent part of existence, without the snotty-ness associated with that.
Aloras childhood was riddled with ups and downs, an instability most would falter in. Aloras mother was an avid user of drugs and her father was nonexistent. Her mother left her at her grandparents’ house when she was a baby, after all the difficulties she caused in Aloras health after her birth due to her drug use during the pregnancy. Aloras ability to bond was obsolete, except when it came to her grandfather which she called "Pop." She clang to him as if he was the only person in the world, her ray of light in the darkness her life had become. Throughout the years her life became something she lived for her grandfather in an effort to thank him for being there.
darkness consumed Alora December Tenth, her grandfather was lying in bed and cringed forward holding his chest with an agonizing look on his face.
A heart attack brought on by his organs shutting down due to sepsis.
Eighty-five and sick, he was a fighter and faught as long as he could. Alora always thought that, trying to bring comfort to her mind. It was too late; she shut off the world and kicked everybody out. Words coming from her mouth are mere folktales now. Her motivation and life force has been ripped from her grasp, nothing will ever be the same.
The unanimous decision of the "family" Alora had was to send her to Unova. Somewhere far away, out of site and rarely talked about so Aloras existence would no longer be of their concern. She was fine with this, she wasn't welcome in a home without Pop, but her feelings grew cold after his death and nothing fazed her; Time to start her new life at Unova where she will most likely be found near the trees sketching or in the library researching Latin origins.
something specialAloras grandfather kept his ability as a Shifter a secret, a very modest man he was. Alora stumbled upon him changing one day in the forest as she was frolicking looking for him. This ability skipped his children as he had hoped but when Alora turned 16 and had an incident while getting firewood in the forest with him, it was well known.
Alora was a shifter,
her family feared her,
and her Pop protected her until the end.

PLACE OF BIRTH, Nelson, New Zealand .

FACE CLAIM, Original Character alora nivatus

SCHEDULE, Third/Fourth year Literature
Third/Fourth year Sociology
Third/Fourth year Music

INVENTORY, Sketch Book, Picture of Grandfather.

AIM: ad.mortem

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Gender : Female Posts : 12
Karats : 10

PostSubject: Re: Shifter ♔ Nivatus, Alora U.   Shifter ♔ Nivatus, Alora U. EmptyFebruary 5th 2013, 10:43 pm

Welcome to Anomia! After careful consideration, your application has been approved for roleplay and is now in our roster. Before you get to play with your new character, please remember to put a plot ad up! We're really happy that you've joined us and look forward to causing mayhem on our characters!

oh my gosh, she's lovely < 3 can't wait to see her around the site!
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Shifter ♔ Nivatus, Alora U.

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