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Ioann C. Fairechild

Ioann C. Fairechild

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PostSubject: FAERIE ♔ FAIRECHILD, IOANN C.   January 20th 2013, 9:34 pm

803 Years
Red Fruit King
June 13th

ioann cynfael fairechild

wash the sorrow from off my skin

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Tactless, insensitive, bellicose - all have been apt descriptors of Ioann, a fey old enough that he hardly tries to remember what his young life was like. His ruthless intelligence and desire for success have made him a fearsome figure. He is a man who tries to scorn the idea of evergreen affection, who claims that even as he is perpetually ageless, things such as love are as fleeting as breath evaporating in the cold air of winter. He is a fey destined to lose his temper with you, a secret lover of all things what might be sweet, and a general condescend-er.

It is startling for many to find out that Ioann, despite his declaration of love is useless, had once been in love. When asked about it, Ioann is much more apt to either remind you that speaking aloud is probably lowering the IQ of the entire area or that it is certainly none of your business. He was much younger then, swooned to fall in love with another man who promised an eternal love that Ioann has now come to know is only mortal. When, in fact, things ended up in a bloody betrayal, Ioann was forced to kill him.

Now, as the leader of his court, Ioann has claimed to have moved on from such a tragedy. The fey know better than to talk about it; they may whisper, certainly, as he passes, saying there is the one who found out that mortal love does not last, but out of respect they deign to keep their gossip behind his back.

To blend in with society, he is a teacher of psychology at the Unova Academy. He only recently applied for the job, feeling it better that he integrate himself with the mortal community while the tension was still strong. you know - keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

PLACE OF BIRTH, Astraia, Dresden.

FACE CLAIM, CASSHERN SINS, dio — ioann fairechild


PM c:

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PostSubject: Re: FAERIE ♔ FAIRECHILD, IOANN C.   January 22nd 2013, 10:36 pm

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