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Delphina A. Arthur

Delphina A. Arthur

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PostSubject: FAERIE ♔ ARTHUR, DELPHINA A.   FAERIE ♔ ARTHUR, DELPHINA A. EmptyFebruary 18th 2013, 5:47 am



delphina arnurna arthur


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On the island state of Tasmania off the southern coast of Australia, there is a little known town called Port Arthur. The settlement has a dark past, as it was established as a penal colony. Hardened criminals from both Britain and Ireland were shipped to the remote area and a prison was built to contain them. By 1877, however, the prison was suddenly closed and the prisoners - those which still lived - were moved to various prisons in surrounding cities. After the prison was shut down, there was much debate as to what to do with the remains of the settlement. Over the next few years, the property was auctioned off and the ruins of the prison were mostly torn down. Still, the future of the land was in question. Mother Nature herself had a say in the matter, as she tried to scare off those with ideas of re-purposing the colony with the use of earthquakes and fires.

Out of the ashes of the old prison colony, the city of Carnarvon was born; the locals still called the place by its old name, though, and its dark past became hard to shake. Though the town became popular due to its prime location for boating and fishing, as well as the beautiful scenery it boasted, the lingering remnants of the prison and the prison graveyard served as a reminder of the original history. The ghost of the past stirred up many a story, most of which were used to scare children so they would not wander into the potentially dangerous old buildings. Eventually, this led to some of the bolder locals setting up guided ghost tours for the flocks of incoming tourists. Though many laughed at such a thing, there were a few people who swore they bore witness to something supernatural in the area.

Some attributed it to the imagination or to hitting the bottle too hard, but the stories of all the eyewitnesses fit the same general description. A soft voice would spring forth seemingly from nowhere, singing an eerie tune that would haunt the observer's mind for days on end. The scent of the ocean would often accompany it, even in enclosed areas that were normally free of the salty scent of the Pacific. Lastly there was a visual element, although it was rarely witnessed in comparison to the first two signs. It was probably caused when the folks strained their eyes too hard as they peered into darkened corners, the non-believers insisted, but some claim to have seen something small and blue run past in their peripheral vision.

Little did these people know that it was not a ghost they were dealing with, but a fae. The being in question, were they ever to have gotten a proper look at it, seemed to appear as many would imagine a faerie to look. The petite and sprightly girl danced and flitted about the home she'd made in the decrepit prison without putting much thought into how she'd gotten there, as there was nary soul like her around. It was fitting for her to reside in such a place, at least, since it was surrounded by a body of water - as she found that she had control over that very element. In fact, she often joked that she was born from the waves of the ocean, much like how the Greek goddess Aphrodite rose from out of the sea foam.

Her peaceful and carefree existence lasted for a fair while, until one particular day in 1996. That afternoon, as the faerie girl hummed to herself and slipped away to the water's edge, a burst of sudden loud noises caught her attention. She ventured as close as she dared to where the noises stemmed from, and spotted a crazed looking man carrying some foreign metal object. She assumed this contraption had been the source of all the alarming sounds she'd heard and peeked curiously into the building from which he had just exited.

Already frightened since she seldom left the ruins of the prison, the fae child was further alarmed when she saw the floor of the small cafe littered with bodies. While she was not very knowledgeable about the human world, the girl was aware of the concept of life and death, and knew that she was destined to outlive multiple generations of these mortals. Still, that did not prepare her for such a site of bloody deaths as what laid before her. Such slaughter in her home was not an idea that sat well with her, and as she heard the same sound that had drawn her out come from another building close by, the faerie panicked and fled the only place she had ever known for fear of the massacre site it had become.

She adopted the name Delphina, after she learned of both the meaning of the name and the flowers that shared a similar genus name that matched her unnatural hair colour. Her surname, on the other hand, was obviously pulled from the very place from which she originated. Thankfully, in the day and age which she emerged into the human world her hair colour did not draw the attention it would have in years past. So, Delphina hopped on a boat which took her to mainland Australia, a place where she did not stay for long. After much traveling she learned how to blend in with humans and how to survive in modern civilization, as well as encountered others of her kind hidden amidst the crowds of regular folk.

Eventually she found herself in a strange place called Dresden, where she was told she would be best suited to settle in at. It was nothing like her original home, which she still sometimes pines after and often sings about. Although there was something slightly chilling to her voice, it was still a beautiful, airy soprano that drew people in. Utilizing her talent, Delphina found work where she could by singing at just about any opportunity that presented itself. It didn't bring her much profit, but as she had previously lived off of the land the little faerie did not need material possessions or much money at all to survive in this new land.

PLACE OF BIRTH, Port Arthur, Tasmania.

FACE CLAIM, FAIRY TAIL, levy mcgarden — delphina arthur



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PostSubject: Re: FAERIE ♔ ARTHUR, DELPHINA A.   FAERIE ♔ ARTHUR, DELPHINA A. EmptyFebruary 18th 2013, 7:02 pm

Welcome to Anomia! After careful consideration, your application has been approved for roleplay and is now in our roster. Before you get to play with your new character, please remember to put a plot ad up! We're really happy that you've joined us and look forward to causing mayhem on our characters!

absolutely precious. i love her <3 !
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