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Delphina A. Arthur

Delphina A. Arthur

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PostSubject: DO YOU WANT TO GO   DO YOU WANT TO GO EmptyFebruary 19th 2013, 2:17 am


DELPHINA ARNURNA ARTHUR, "I handled my charm with time and slight of hand." The stereotypical little faerie, in both appearance and personality. She is likely to be found out in the wilderness, especially near even the tiniest body of water. There, she spends her time singing and dancing amongst the trees and through the babbling brooks. Paired with her innocent and cutesy appearance, this makes her seem like a harmless being - which is not entirely true. However, this also does not necessarily make her a wrathful spirit; for the most part, rather, she can be described as quite mischievous (as any good fae should be).

Friends. "Do you want to go to the seaside?" With her charming personality and bright smile, many are under the impression that Delphina is an adorable, lovable young woman. While this is not completely untrue, there is more to her than what she lets on. Over the years, the blue-haired faerie has learned how people work and - more importantly - how to deceive them into serving whatever purpose she sees fit. Toying with the emotions of others is one of her favourite hobbies, so while you may think that she considers you a friend she could simply be leading you on for her own amusement or personal interest. This does not mean that she is incapable of making a few real friends though; however, be warned that she will become extremely possessive of you if she does come to treasure your company.

Enemies. "I'm not tryin' to say that everybody wants to go." Although she does like to have her fun with manipulating others, it is usually done with harmless intentions. It is likely that there are people who have been scorned by her "fun", though, which could lead to hatred on their part. Even if aware of how those people feel towards her, Delphina will continue to smile and speak sweet words to them if they encounter one another. "Actions speak louder than words," she always says - and this girl practices what she preaches. The smile she wears does not reach her eyes, which are often clouded with thoughts of further torment. Rarely does she find she must resort to physical violence, but she is beyond competent of finding ways to break you down without breaking any bones.

Romances. "I fell in love at the seaside." By far the least likely category to be filled. Delphina has never experienced the feeling of love, nor even of lust, so the chances of her partaking in any sort of relationship are slim to none. The impossible is always known to happen, however, so any soul brave and/or stubborn enough to try and woo her can go ahead and try. Although, she won't take well to advances of any sort and will throw aside any friendly facades to scare away her potential suitors. If you stick around and pursue her long enough, she may eventually download learn this new emotion IT IS LOVE and attempt to reciprocate the feelings. Such a process would benefit her as a person, but for now she remains a conniving and carefree being that prefers solitude.

NAME - established relationship

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