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 Is it better to be silent and thought to be a fool

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Aimi A. Jutsuki

Aimi A. Jutsuki

Gender : Female Posts : 4
Year : First year

Karats : 110

PostSubject: Is it better to be silent and thought to be a fool   February 18th 2013, 8:52 pm

Aimi Amaya Jutsuki, Aimi is a very quiet, fifteen year old student. It is rare to hear her talk, though she always has a notebook on hand if she needs to. The only down side, as most people would find, is that since she is not very social, she does not have many friends. Because of this, she is very naïve and is clueless when it comes to boys, and just about how a person should work. However, she is very nice, but is very gullible. Therefore, if someone were to tell her to jokingly, go away, she will turn and walk away, whether they notice or not. If she is not trying to find something or actually communicating with someone, then Aimi would most likely be in the music classroom, at home, or off somewhere reading, eating some sort of candy.

Friends. Being as quiet as Aimi is, she doesn’t have any friends. She is friendly to someone who says hi by giving a small wave and a smile, but other than that, she rarely talks to anyone. Of course, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t talk during class, but that is only if the teacher calls on her, or she wants to understand or know something.

Enemies. To her own knowledge, Aimi doesn’t have many enemies, if any at all. Though some people may decide, they need to tease her about not talking or being too nice if they actually tried to talk to her.

Romances. Aimi is very naïve. She has never had any relationships with a boy, or girl, and has rarely talked to either gender other then her family. Any dirty jokes that are said around her that are meant to be funny, will normally just get a blank or confused look from her. Though she sometimes does work up the nerve to ask, why such a thing was funny. If she does, it always seems to get awkward, simply because a girl her age should understand such things

• Established relationships.

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Nerina P. Guerra

Nerina P. Guerra

Gender : Female Posts : 18
Karats : 270

PostSubject: Re: Is it better to be silent and thought to be a fool   February 19th 2013, 3:11 pm

aimi & nerina

teacher & student, welp, aimi is taking first/second year literature, and that's nerina's subject, so they'd see a lot of each other! nerina will probably try to encourage aimi to come out of her shell some, but at the same time she wouldn't be the teacher that pushes the quiet students too far. she'll probably try to talk to aimi after class every once in a while just to make sure she's okay, because nerina can tend to be a worry wart and wants to check in on all her babies students sometimes. hopefully aimi won't be too bothered by it. xD
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Is it better to be silent and thought to be a fool

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