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 The Broken Prince

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Olin B. Emory

Olin B. Emory

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PostSubject: The Broken Prince   The Broken Prince EmptyJanuary 28th 2013, 11:37 pm

The Broken Prince TokugawaIeyasuSenfgokuBasarafull1099696_zps4ad65285

Olin Baalthasar Emory, there is nothing more important to Olin, coming from royal blood, than respect. Respect of him more so that from him to others but with Olin, you'll get what you give. He can be incredibly courteous and well-mannered with someone but as soon as that someone says something that isn't respectful, you look at him wrong, tell him one of his faults or even say anything that demeans him he'll turn from prey to predator and maybe if he's in a good mood, he'll accept an apology.

Friends. It is not unheard of for Olin to have friends but his massive superiority complex easily gets in the way as he believes he is above the common rabble. only someone who would also respectively see Olin as an equal would most likely gain his respect as for Olin, respect is of utmost importance. Most 'friends' that Olin would make would still be beneath him in his mind but someone who proved themselves of his utmost trust would form a very special bond with Olin and one in which he would follow his companion into unfathomable depths and across deserts to be with and help.

Enemies. Olin makes enemies very easily as his first impression is usually what makes him his enemies. Snarky and prude to be putting it lightly, if you don't have any sign of lineage, wealth, good looks (that interest Olin) or respect he will treat you like commoner-filth and simply sign off on a picture of himself and send it off without much notice of who you are.

Peoples that Olin despise, his true enemies, he plots maliciously against them and wants nothing more to see them dead or to a point so low that they would do anything for life. He wishes to see them struggle and turn to hope and prayer before him as he crushes the light that lives in their heart with his bare hand. Not many attain this place in his heart but those that do tend not to live very long.

Romances. There might be a chance for Olin to have a love romance but to do that, he would have to think of someone other than himself and with this internal struggle, he's almost given up on love. for someone to do this they would just as much have to prove themselves his friend as described in his 'friends' section This does not mean that he doesn't enjoy rough, heated and voluptuous romping. He quite enjoys that so long as his lover is worthy enough to receive him.

• Established relationships.

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Nerina P. Guerra

Nerina P. Guerra

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PostSubject: Re: The Broken Prince   The Broken Prince EmptyFebruary 9th 2013, 1:12 am

olin & nerina

questionable, i can see this going a couple different ways, depending on how their first meeting goes. they could possibly become friendly, or at least civil, acquaintances. or, they might start off on the wrong foot, and end up on less-than-friendly terms. most likely it would be the former, as nerina would be polite and charming unless given reason to act otherwise. so maybe something under the friends category? up to you, feel free to suggest something else if you'd like! c:
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The Broken Prince

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