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 Veils of Deceit

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Lili A. Balsereit

Lili A. Balsereit

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PostSubject: Veils of Deceit   Veils of Deceit EmptyJanuary 26th 2013, 12:11 am

Veils of Deceit BLAH_zps1280c195

Lili Adelaide Balsereit, she comes from nobility but radiates depravity. She was born in Marseilles, France and is the daughter of a poet and a militant. A heart of a bohemian and a mind of an army general. These dichotomies in her personality often contradict each other and are forces to contend with. Lili was raised in an affluent western society. The Balsereits are among the top leading families in Europe whether it is socially or economically. She lived her life in extravagance and dignity although was often cynical about it. As of now, Lili is currently an apprentice of the A.M. and a third year student at Unova- currently taking chemistry, literature, music (mainly specializes in piano), and sociology. She’s is studious and precociously bright, but of course, that is the expectation of a Balsereit.

Friends. they’re a bit of a stretch for but for good reasons. She has a bit of a superiority complex which prevents her from mingling with anyone below her. Of course she will put up a “friendly” front to avoid conflict, but beware, she has a “viper’s tongue” so depending on who you are she may or may not bite. Generally, she will get along with other A.M. members (out of formality). Lili is also 110% French so if you are French or can speak French, she will instantly like you more.

Enemies. they’re more common but still a bit of a hassle. Lili, in short, is very cynical and satirical. She is also extremely critical and judgmental of others. Fortunately, she has common sense and doesn’t openly express what she thinks of her superiors, but as for the rest, results may vary. You may find Lili to be rude and pejorative in her words. If you want to make her your enemy, the easiest way is to underestimate her. She may not react to it immediately, but she will hold it against you depending on who you are.

Romances. is not her top priority. She enjoys an occasional flirt, but is tough to convince. Lili is a very driven person so having room for romance is rare. It's a shame since she can be quite romantic. She's old-fashioned so if you want to court her, simply treat her like a lady. Now-a-days, all she ever gets to do is act like a militant; it would be nice change to feel like a mademoiselle again. Lili is also deathly in love with literature so if you could bond with her over that, don't be surprised if she becomes somewhat attracted to you. I would personally like Lili to fall in love just so she could have the experience. I think a character that can trump her superiority complex would be ideal.

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Veils of Deceit

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