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winter wonderland
Blah blah blah content about weather and location and stuff c:

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01.20 Well, after days of tweaking and perfecting and OCD being pacified, we're finally open! Take a look around, meet us in the cbox. We hope you enjoy your stay here at Anomia c:

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Saintilus M. Prometheae


Gender : Male Posts : 12
Karats : 190

PostSubject: WISE BEYOND HIS YEARS   January 24th 2013, 4:37 am

Saintilus M. Prometheae, three Faces

The Professional. He is precise and cunning in all of his endeavors with the AM. As a 26-year old graduate, having been trained under the AM, he is an accomplished warrior and hunter. While some would aim to do as much damage as possible and attack the supernatural given little more than a shred of evidence, Santi feels differently. He feels that there are those among the AM that are pro-supernatural, and give them too much slack, and those that are anti-supernatural, and give them too little slack. Saintilus is a "factist". He prefers to deal with cold, hard facts and proof, handing out justice precisely as necessary, and ONLY when necessary to match the crime committed. His honorable nature has earned him respect amongst the elder AM members, and even some elder supernatural members, but the younger generation tends to feel differently.

The Instructor. The world-traveling instructor has what one could call a gypsy's soul; never settling down in one place for long. He prefers to expand his knowledge and spread his knowledge and culture to those around the world. The truth to this is far deeper than his lust for knowledge or recognition, however. Truly, Santi runs from those who get to close, feeling that he may well end up in a relationship that sends his child off to a boarding school not unlike himself. There is little resentment for his parents having done so, as he greatly enjoys the man he became, however there is a fear. Either he has not found the place that he can stay and feel comfortable, or there is no one to anchor him. Either way, there is hope for Santi to become attached to his students, and perhaps keep this fleeting soul here for long enough that he finds someone to anchor him to this location.

Saintilus. His ethical nature has can be traced to many years of studies and reading. When Saintilus isn't working, or teaching, he can most often be found reading a book in his study or outside, amongst the trees. As few his age satisfy his standards for actual intellectual conversation, Santi is well-accustomed to being alone when he is not putting on the song and dance routine to appear at a public function to appear normal. The truth of the matter is that Santi doesn't truly enjoy people as a whole. Few understand him, and fewer stick around once they do, keeping his list of friends at a shallow depth. He gets along well with his parents despite his abandonment issue as their age usually ensures that they meet his standard of good conversation. His worries extend far beyond what is going on next Friday night, or who he takes out to a carnival this weekend. Saintilus is truly immersed in, and is secretly desperately seeking a way out of the politics and sociology of the world and the human race as a whole.

• Established relationships.
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Lanthe K. Deòir


Gender : Female Posts : 15
Karats : 420

PostSubject: Re: WISE BEYOND HIS YEARS   January 27th 2013, 5:00 am

lanthe & saintilus

❝We know what we are, but know not what we may be.❞

I feel like these two might make an interesting pair of friends, at the very least, which is a good starting point! Saintilus would have plenty of stories to entertain Lanthe, and what sort of muse would she be if she couldn’t inspire his writing? He may not like her point of view as concerns humans as things, nor her lack of a moral stance, but she may be able to provide him with some solace from his worries. I could see them having the occasional coffee together, or discussing art in the museum. Perhaps he might even help her return some of her humanity to her. What do you think?
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Elijah A. Gerhardt


Gender : Male Posts : 6
Year : Fourth Year

Karats : 140

PostSubject: Re: WISE BEYOND HIS YEARS   January 30th 2013, 3:01 am

saintilus & elijah

problematic student. don't get me wrong, elijah's an intelligent young man. but there are just days that he doesn't want to attend class. or any class for that matter. i feel like santi would have a moral go-to to make sure he got to class. maybe they'd even talk things out and spar. maybe elijah would view him with respect. feel free to add subtract alter.
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Nerina P. Guerra


Gender : Female Posts : 18
Karats : 270

PostSubject: Re: WISE BEYOND HIS YEARS   February 8th 2013, 10:30 pm

saintilus & nerina

colleagues, although they teach different years and subjects, i can see them getting on fairly well. they're only a year apart, but since nerina hasn't been teaching as long she'll probably have a good deal of respect for sanitilus from the start. she would enjoy his company and maybe seek out a chat every once in a while, but i dunno just how close of friends they might become. i'd definitely say friendly acquaintances to being with though. feel free to add/subtract whatever. c:
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