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 Absit Metum ♔ Finley, Stefan R.

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Stefan R. Finley

Stefan R. Finley

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PostSubject: Absit Metum ♔ Finley, Stefan R.   Absit Metum ♔ Finley, Stefan R. EmptyJanuary 23rd 2013, 3:47 am

Absit Metum ♔ Finley, Stefan R. Bannerfushimi_zps76cc757b

Absit Metum
Coven Leader
January 21ST

Stefan Ried Finley

One brash phrase cut crush these fragile days

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Among Warrior circles, Stefan is known as one of the few geniuses who had earned his credentials at the age of eighteen. He doesn't consider himself a genius, though, for what he believes to be justifiable reasons. After all, not every young man get the opportunity to commit fratricide for his final examination.

He doesn't talk about it, and for good reason.

Once upon a time, Stefan Finley had been naught but an unfortunate accident within a clan of black panther shifters, living in the outskirts of Astraia. Genetics had decided to play a cruel trick on the clan, and so the second-born twins would be unequal in power. Wildly unequal. The first born child would be blessed with uncommon beauty and exceptional powers. The second child would be cursed with humanity and loneliness.

They had yet another brother, an older one. However, so gifted was Mercutio that his position nearly threatened that of the clan. Except he was never particularly interested in power. He was the useful brother whose natural charisma kept everyone together in times of strife and tension. Stefan was the extra appendage that no one really knew what to do with. He could not be turned because of the scandalous implications that came with the family culture. Think teenage pregnancy scandalous. Stefan the Claw-less Shifter ~ Never got invited to any Shifter Games ~ was more or less his childhood. Mercutio had always wanted to protect and accompany him, but Stefan became asocial to fault, so it was little wonder that his first master had found him to be such a moldable medium.

For what he had lacked in power among the shifters, Stefan made up in discipline. He was a fast learner, and the lessons in swordsmanship were welcomed when the places that he roamed were often infested with wolfmen and other riffraff who didn't think twice about taking advantage of a lone human. The Warrior had interested him, and Stefan even learned to play the occasional game of chess, a game that Mercutio (the only clansmen who wanted to talk to him on a regular basis) had never taken much interest in. The books that he had frequently brought from exotic lands were interesting too, and Stefan had grown fond of the civilization away from civilization.

On the night that his master brought him to the city, Stefan thought that he had found home. He spent more and more time outside of the shifter group, and it did not go entirely unnoticed. There were whispers of betrayal, especially after he was sighted with his master by a clansman on more than one occasion.

Most apprentices graduate with a triumphant victory and a panther head upon their spear. Not Stefan. He graduated with the bloody body of his twin brother against his knives and bitter fear coursing through his veins. He hadn't felt anything but adrenaline while they clashed in Ash Forest, but the warmth of blood gushing from Mercutio's wounds was real.

All he wanted was to prove himself no less inferior - how maddening it was for his brother to look down upon him like that.

It was harder to justify himself when Mercutio had looked him in the eyes with a bittersweet 'sorry' on his lips. Looking back, he doubts that the soft-hearted idiot had ever meant to take his life to begin with, as good of an actor as he was.

How meaningless his ambitions were.

Stefan no longer remembers whether he had gone so far out of instinct or hatred. Now, he finds the differentiation of little importance. Time is a wonderful anesthetic. Whatever his reasons, there was nothing to be done but to flee his family. Left with few other options, Stefan opted for a bounty hunter's life. His master had enough connections to set him up with a niche within the A.M community, and departed for Austria soon after. Stefan did fine without him, though. The first few years were rough when Stefan had a decade of shifter culture habits to rid himself of, but he proved to be adaptive, if anything. His reputation was shrouded in mystery, which Stefan found to be beneficial in this business. His success rate spoke for itself, and so it became possible for him to start his own coven.

Although the Finley coven (informally known as Hades) is known for skilled warriors, the coven places the greatest value in stealth and efficiency. Stefan himself is a known workaholic and something of a paper pusher. He places great emphasis on information and "bono malum superate". Although Stefan allows more experienced warriors to trust their own judgement, punishment for the violation of this code is known to be severe.

PLACE OF BIRTH, Astraia, Dresden

FACE CLAIM, K PROJECT, fushimi saruhiko — Stefan Finley

INVENTORY, Swiss knife, spare glasses, the occasional book, a watch, a phone, notepad with pen, currency.

WEAPON, Rapier, roughly four feet in total length. Stefan is rather skilled in the use of this weapon, but it is also for show. His true lethality is derived from his set of knives that he keeps hidden on his person. All of his blades are dipped in a thin layer of silver. He also carries a small vial of poison of fungi extract for unexpected scenarios.

PM/Skype - statistical-encounter

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PostSubject: Re: Absit Metum ♔ Finley, Stefan R.   Absit Metum ♔ Finley, Stefan R. EmptyJanuary 23rd 2013, 5:59 am

Welcome to Anomia! After careful consideration, your application has been approved for roleplay and is now in our roster. Before you get to play with your new character, please remember to put a plot ad up! We're really happy that you've joined us and look forward to causing mayhem on our characters!

asdfdsjd he's so twisted. i love it. time to find his twisted brother.
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Absit Metum ♔ Finley, Stefan R.

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