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PostSubject: 004. UNOVA PREPARATORY ACADEMY   004. UNOVA PREPARATORY ACADEMY EmptyJanuary 7th 2013, 6:53 pm

unova preparatory academy

Unova—a union of the words unitas and nova, which in Latin is rendered into “New Unity”—is a boarding school dedicated to fostering the young minds of adolescents, one student at a time. Founded two hundred years ago upon the high mountains of Dresden, Switzerland by the now late Orion Audax, this academy was admired for its impeccable success rate.

However, an outbreak had soon spread amongst the students. Of all ages, they were falling ill with unknown contamination and quickly succumbing to severely painful deaths. Soon thereafter, the institution was deemed hazardous and left to the sands of time and isolation.

Dimly lit and decrepit, the sarcophagus of the establishment remained abandoned for over one hundred years. There it was to remain, until Switzerland received a letter from an unknown magnate, demanding the building in exchange for a sum of money so grand, dubious looks were exchanged. The country, however, opted to meet with the man. His name, now lost to the faded inks of parchment, had one reason for the purchase: for all beings, human and otherwise, to live harmoniously. “To do this, our younger generations will be taught. The traditions to omit prejudice from their lives will follow suit and in generations to come, a new unity will form.”

Unova was bought by the Patriarch, as he was referred to so often amongst natives and foreigners, and polished for a grand reopening. Applications began to trickle in, and soon, a student body caught like wildfire. However, in that student body, as the Patriarch had wished, not all were human. Dresden soon became a hotbed for the supernatural, and the Absit Metum were not delighted to hear the amount of creatures that had festered overnight. Granted permission by the Patriarch, the Absit Metum mounted a sector onto Dresden, not only to take advantage of the grounds as means of training their apprentices, but more importantly: to keep the supernatural threat at bay.

Today, Unova is nestled atop a mountain, the atmosphere pleasant and welcome—for the most part. Not all humans recognize that lycans, shifters, faeries, and even hunters walk amongst them, following the circadian rhythm as obediently as they do.

Occupations that have been: marked with a * have no limit / crossed out are taken.

Aged 14 - 15
Aged 16 - 17
Aged 18 - 19
Aged 20 - 21

Aged 24 and up

First/Second year Art

First/Second year Archery
First/Second year Literature
First/Second year Physical Training

First/Second year Culinary Arts
First/Second year Music

Third/Fourth year Biology

Third/Fourth year Literature
Third/Fourth year Physical Training
Third/Fourth year Psychology
Third/Fourth year Sociology
Third/Fourth year Culinary Arts
Third/Fourth year Music

Head Librarian
Librarian *
Head Doctor
* Nurse

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