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Melisandre G. Fayne


Gender : Female Posts : 9
Karats : 170

PostSubject: CASTLE OF GLASS ♔   January 22nd 2013, 1:57 am

melisandre gaëlle fayne
twenty-six years • pack alpha • ambitious • charming • passionate

raised into a pack that demanded bloodshed over all things, melisandre is no exception to this rule. she is ruthless and wicked smart, so incredibly ambitious that she killed her own father to get the alpha position. now, a fresh alpha working as a veterinarian in the midst of society, she's teaching herself to integrate with human society because despite her desire for blood, she actually finds mortal company quite endearing.

friends are pretty open. melisandre is a loud, passionate, fiery young woman, charming in her own right, and is the kind of girl who comes right up to you and introduces herself. as long as you don't mind that she's kind of obnoxious, i'm sure you'll get along fine. enemies, however, will probably mind that she's obnoxious. she's also quick to anger and a scrapper who loses her temper in the blink of an eye, and probably won't hesitate to go at you if you piss her off. lovers is sort of kind-of closed. as of now, she has feelings for a beta that she isn't really willing to admit for herself, but eventually she will. sorry yalls.

relationships go here .
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London G. Campbell


Gender : Male Posts : 11
Karats : 180

PostSubject: Re: CASTLE OF GLASS ♔   February 9th 2013, 12:31 am

melisandre & london

Kind of friends. I feel like because thye are both loud and love to talk that London and Melisandre would get along well. Though he would probably be wary of her at first because wolves and foxes don't always get along. I think that if they ever get into a fight it would be hilarious just because they both lose their temper easily.
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Gender : Female Posts : 12
Karats : 10

PostSubject: Re: CASTLE OF GLASS ♔   February 9th 2013, 6:39 pm

meli & london

omg yyesss! i could see these two being those friends that just pick on each other all the time and then don't care about it or anything, like whatever they say just rolls off their backs BD but then they've both got such short tempers that if they DID ever disagree, they'd probs just scuffle and then afterwards be all "yeah it's all good bro".
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PostSubject: Re: CASTLE OF GLASS ♔   

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