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Blah blah blah content about weather and location and stuff c:

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01.20 Well, after days of tweaking and perfecting and OCD being pacified, we're finally open! Take a look around, meet us in the cbox. We hope you enjoy your stay here at Anomia c:

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Melisandre G. Fayne

Melisandre G. Fayne

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PostSubject: LYCANTHROPE ♔ FAYNE, MELISANDRE G.   LYCANTHROPE ♔ FAYNE, MELISANDRE G. EmptyJanuary 21st 2013, 3:27 pm


Fayne Pack
October 18th

Melisandre GAËLLE Fayne

Warm me up in a nova's glow

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The Fayne pack is, perhaps, one of the youngest packs - and the most bloodthirsty. Even Melisandre, who grew up among their ranks as the only child of the Alpha, could see this; when they congregated around other packs, they were viewed warily, as if diseased. But the brutality of her childhood - the bloodshed, the battles leaving only the strongest to survive - left her as hardened and ambitious as ever to take her rightful spot as Alpha, even at a young age. If she wasn't strong enough when the time came, there would certainly be someone else willing to kill her for the position that was rightfully hers by blood.

She grew up, however, rather distant from her parents; her mother had died when she was still very young, and her father was the kind of man that did not appreciate true familial bonds. He felt that feeling affection for someone who was quite literally your blood was a blaring weakness - the less Melisandre loved him, the better, and he certainly succeeded in that front. Melisandre had no desire to see her father aside from the pack which kept them together; what she did desire, however, was the power that he had.

Meli was entitled to the position of Alpha. When she was only twenty-five, she decided that she'd had enough of her father - she was tired of waiting for him to die, so she took it upon herself to dispose of him. The result was a bloody battle that lasted late into the night, with the other pack members mere spectators to the blood shed. Eventually, Melisandre was the only wolf that came out.

As much as she is ambitious and determined to keep her spot as Alpha, Melisandre has a particular charm to her that comes with her ease in talking to people. Unlike her cold, tactless father, Meli doesn't find it hard to integrate with human society and the likes. She enjoys being around people, to an extent.

PLACE OF BIRTH, Astraia, Dresden.

FACE CLAIM, VOCALOID, luka megurine — melisandre fayne

INVENTORY, Any miscellaneous objects your character carries on their person. Remove this completely if not applicable.

RANK, Alpha.

PM c:

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PostSubject: Re: LYCANTHROPE ♔ FAYNE, MELISANDRE G.   LYCANTHROPE ♔ FAYNE, MELISANDRE G. EmptyJanuary 21st 2013, 4:39 pm

Welcome to Anomia! After careful consideration, your application has been approved for roleplay and is now in our roster. Before you get to play with your new character, please remember to put a plot ad up! We're really happy that you've joined us and look forward to causing mayhem on our characters!

omg she's so perfect. ajsjgdhg i love her, cassi.
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