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Delphina A. Arthur

Delphina A. Arthur

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PostSubject: NAUTICAL DISASTER   NAUTICAL DISASTER EmptyApril 16th 2013, 12:28 am


IT was a bright, sunny day with nary a cloud littering the pale blue sky. The weather was pleasantly warm, but not overbearingly so, with the occasional salty breeze washing over the landscape. Such conditions made the idea of spending the day at the beach an especially appealing idea - though few could act upon this idea, as many were too busy with school or work to enjoy such a leisurely day. This left the coastline quiet and peaceful, as it was practically devoid of any inhabitants. There were, however, a small handful of people taking advantage of their freedom that day.

CHIEF among them was Delphina Arthur, as many people knew her as. The petite woman was reveling in the fact that she was able to spend such a day in a place where she could feel most comfortable. She was, after all, not actually human - rather, she was a faerie of the water variety, and thus felt her best around bodies of natural water; she was (both literally and figuratively) in her element here. This fact was made rather obvious by the almost dream-like expression she was donning at the moment.

DESPITE the content smile worn upon her innocent face, however, the few other beach-goers were skirting around her to give her a wide berth. The reason they were avoiding the girl was not her blue hair which matched the cloudless sky, although it may have been a contributing factor were there any elderly people about. Rather, it was the simple fact of how she was sitting - or laying - on the ground. The young fae was, in fact, sprawled out and taking up as much space as was capable of her small frame.

HER hair was pushed back with a thick headband and fanned around her head in a wild mess of waves. She wore only a sunny yellow bikini that matched her headband, and a see-through sea foam green skirt that hung loosely on her. The skirt was hiked up just above her knees to expose more skin, allowing for the gritty sand to cling to her back, arms, and legs. In all honesty, the rays of the sun did not affect Delphina; her fair skin would remain such a shade for her entire existence, but she liked the feel of the shallow warmth on her body. Best of all, as the current lapped at the bank the cool water washed over her naked, wriggling toes.

EVERY once in a while she would shift ever so slightly and let out a small content sigh. Otherwise she was completely motionless, but was certainly not remaining silent. As she basked in the glow of the sunlight the fae hummed a tune to entertain herself: the notes were slow, dragging even, and in her head dissonant chords echoed in a lingering counter-melody. The eeriness of it did not match with her appearance, but that did not matter since nobody could hear the other haunting half of the song - not that any of them got close enough to her the audible bits anyways.

REGARDLESS, the opinions of others mattered little to Delphina. She tended to stick to heavily wooded areas - despite the fact that the most prominent bodies water available were piddly little streams - because there were rarely any people around to bother her. Much of her life had been spent in solitude and even now she preferred an isolated existence. This was all she needed: sun, surf, sand, and song.

NOTHING was likely to change that any time soon, although it was possible for people to make it worse. Though she was in a good mood now, the young blue-haired woman was not exactly in the frame of mind to put up with others. Hopefully the world would not decide to test her today and send along somebody who was finally brave enough to approach her little bubble of tranquility. There was plenty of time left for that to change though...

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