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 Human ♔ Natsume, Taito

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Taito Natsume

Taito Natsume

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PostSubject: Human ♔ Natsume, Taito   Human ♔ Natsume, Taito EmptyMarch 27th 2013, 7:30 pm

Human ♔ Natsume, Taito Tumblr_mbj1dnM1HK1rd747so1_500

July 12th

Natsume Taito

Life is just a game, come play with me ♥

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Taito's Story.
Taito was born in July; more precisely, the 12th. The Natsume family doesn't have any children before Taito, so he was the first son of the family, but later (four years later), he got a brother named Shen. Despite Taito being the first born, with Shen, there is not one bad story during his life. No one was more loved than another. The mother and the father of Taito and Shen loved her sons like no other.
In this happiness, Taito lived gently. Not a good or a bad boy, he grew like everybody. He learned everything from his parents, he took care of his little brother like the good big brother he was raised to be, and that's it. It's only at the age of fourteen, he knew what he wanted to do. Later, he says "I would like to be a music teacher". Why? Because since his birth, Taito loved music. Guitars, drums, everything; every kind of instrument, he'd try it, because everyone gives something during a song. But, if he had to choose just one instrument, he'd choose the guitar without a doubt.

This is in this background Taito live, until he has twenty years. In fact, at this age, he decided to travel all over the world. So, with the help of his parent's, he travail in France, where he learn a little the language, but not only. He learn many little things like cooking or some tricks. He live two years in France, but after this experiment, he want to discover other country, so, he travel in Spain and Britain. He live gently, in a calm life. He learn how to be a teacher in music, and try to make a group, but finally, he decided to be a teacher and that's so, because to be a teacher take a lot of time, and to make a group, he need time he don't have. Not a big sacrifice, but sometimes, when he play some song, he think about it.

He knew love at the age of twenty four. But unfortunately, this is not the truest love. Because three month later, he saw the woman didn't love him. She betrayed him with another. So, he broke after three month of "I love you...me not..," Not a sad story says like this, but for Taito, this is bad news and he begins to feel a little depressed. His music became sad too, because if the player is sad or happy, it can waver off of songs vividly. For him, this is not the end of his life. Right, he thinks about it every time, telling himself why, but he doesn't want to die like that. He tried to smile every time and go ahead positively.

This is only when he's got twenty-five, he decides to live in Switzerland. Not because he like chocolate, maybe it's possible this is a reason, but because he learn the existence of a good institute where he can do his job best. So, he wrote his curriculum vitae, traveled to Switzerland and waited for a reply. After this reply, he learned he was accepted as a music teacher for the fourth year students.

PLACE OF BIRTH, Tokyo, Japan.

FACE CLAIM, WAND OF FORTUNE, lagi el nagil — natsume taito

INVENTORY, A little knife, a little book where to write, a blue pen, a purse with a chain, an identity card, some pics of his familly..

WEAPON, A knife with write N.T on the base.

PM / Skype

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PostSubject: Re: Human ♔ Natsume, Taito   Human ♔ Natsume, Taito EmptyMarch 29th 2013, 2:49 pm

Welcome to Anomia! After careful consideration, your application has been approved for roleplay and is now in our roster. Before you get to play with your new character, please remember to put a plot ad up! We're really happy that you've joined us and look forward to causing mayhem on our characters together!

welcome aboard!
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Human ♔ Natsume, Taito

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