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Nerina P. Guerra

Nerina P. Guerra

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PostSubject: BACKWOODS   BACKWOODS EmptyFebruary 16th 2013, 1:45 am


IT was late Friday evening when Nerina decided to go out for a walk in the woods. She had a pile of essays waiting for her at home, but after the stressful week she'd had they could stand to sit around for another day. Grading papers wasn't even that terrible of a task, really, as she would simply situate herself on her couch with a mug of coffee and put on some Haydn or Mendelssohn to play in the background. Her two pet dumbo rats, Jonathan and Victor, would usually scamper about on the coffee table over the papers or settle down into her lap as she worked, which always caused a welcome distraction for her.

BUT, for now, she needed to be out on her own to get some fresh air. She didn't put any mind into the fact that it was starting to get dark out, as it wasn't something that particularly bothered her; the handful of scattered stars and the waxing crescent moon would soon cast enough light for her to see by without trouble. Besides that, she wasn't worried about running into any potential danger. There weren't many wild animals around that she was aware of, although she had been told in passing that there were more wolves returning to the area. From what she knew about the animals though, they mostly went after sheep so she didn't feel as though it would be much of a problem.

SHE was also capable of fending for herself should the need arise. While she refused to ever learn how to wield any sort of weapon, especially a firearm, she did have a bit of self defense training under her belt. In no way was she a black belt, but she was knowledgeable enough to be able to buy herself time to escape whatever trouble she was in, at least. So, once she'd changed from her formal work attire into a loose t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, Nerina made her way over to Ash Forest. She'd only gone past the forest a few times and had never actually gone into it, but she figured that now would be as good a time as any to do a bit of exploring.

AT first, she took her time looking around, simply taking in the beauty of the nature that surrounded her. As it progressively got darker however, the blonde woman began to rely more upon her sense of touch, as she glided her palms across the rough bark of the trees that she walked past. Obviously she also strained her ears to catch any suspicious noises that threatened to creep up on her. Thankfully she'd heard only the sound of the outdoor nightlight so far, such as the chirps of crickets and the occasional scuttle of marmots as they scurried as silently as possible through the underbrush.

THE further she got into the forest, the further apart the trees grew. This left less guidance for Nerina but she didn't mind, and she stumbled only once over a large protruding root that was hidden under a mound of dead leaves littering the forest floor. It was also quieter deeper in, which was slightly unnerving to the young teacher. She ventured on regardless, frequently repeating in her head that she would turn around soon. Of course, she refused to heed her own thoughts just yet; she was a curious person when it least suited her, and she simply could not stop wondering if there was something more interesting hidden somewhere in these woods.

THE gnawing notion that she should leave finally began to solidify as she heard a string of foreign noises nearby. While did not freeze up entirely, she did slow down her steps slightly as she listened intently for any other sounds. She thanked the heavens that she was a naturally calm person, or else she would probably be in complete panic at this point. And, although she didn't realize it, Nerina was also lucky - or maybe unlucky, depending on how you viewed it - that she was not aware of the dangers that truly lurked out in the darkness.

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