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 Face of Fact

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Ashe D. Vesna

Ashe D. Vesna

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PostSubject: Face of Fact   Face of Fact EmptyFebruary 9th 2013, 10:44 pm

Face of Fact AjpFdC2

Ashe Delos Vesna, Due to a horrifying first encounter with a Lycanthrope stalker, and because of the attack made upon her by him, Ashe has been in a coma for just over three years. All of her previous friends, family, and connections have been severed completely. Her parents were the first to see her transform the night of the attack. While they successfully kept the knowledge of Lycans and other creatures hidden from her to assure she lived a normal carefree life, they didn't think that warning her of potential attacks was necessary. The Lycans in the area were generally quiet and kept to themselves. With her no longer being human, they knew she would attract the wrong attention and endanger everyone around her, especially once a full moon struck. There was no hiding the beast within, and so they cast her off, leaving her in the hospital’s care and stopped visiting her completely.
For no particular reason at all, Ashe awakened one afternoon as she was being cared for by a nurse. After checking her vital signs, multiple x-rays, and CT scans, she was deemed ready to be released from the hospital to be transferred to Unova Preparatory Academy’s infirmary for a final check-up. This is where she will start from.
Also note that she has no clue that she is a Lycanthrope yet.

Friends. At this point in her life, she is much more paranoid about encounters and people in general. Her previous experiences with people used to be one of a typical teenage girl, but with her missing out on 3 years of her teenage life, she’s a bit lost and distant. Depressed wouldn’t be the word either. It’s more of something that would need to be witnessed rather than described. I can say for sure, though, that she would most likely gravitate towards more quiet people. Anyone too hyperactive and talkative would annoy her to pieces.

Enemies. I believe that as Ashe progresses as a character, she will develop many of these. I have a general direction as to where I want to push her in, but this will be a slow process. Starting from where she is in the beginning, she will most likely be neutral in nature and pushing towards a negative sort of person. Just my hypothesis though. I don’t like pre-planning my characters too much. What happens, happens.

Romances. This is also an open topic. She wouldn’t be looking for a thing such as this, but once love strikes there isn’t much you can do about it. She isn't an innocent girl, but she definitely isn't promiscuous. She knows this and that, is all. If she were to be in a relationship, she will definitely need a challenge. She likes to be dominant, but likes for her partner to challenge the dominance between the two.

• Established relationships.

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Face of Fact

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