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 Human ♔ Reid, Theodore G.

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Theodore G. Reid

Theodore G. Reid

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PostSubject: Human ♔ Reid, Theodore G.   Human ♔ Reid, Theodore G. EmptyFebruary 5th 2013, 3:44 am

Human ♔ Reid, Theodore G. OkePk8r

September 15th

Theodore Godric Reid

I'm moving out of orbit, turning in somersaults

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What a devil that Reid; he is a man of science—a scholar—with insufferable charm. Submerged in a world of academia and scholastics, Theodore is an intellectual and then some. He is the avant-garde of the scientific community. His endeavors are unconventional and his motives are skewed; a true bohemian cerebrally. Theodore continues to enamor his colleagues with his unorthodox behavior—some find it attractive.

Theodore was born into a Scottish bourgeois family. His mother had left for unknown reasons while his father was a government scientist. Seldom did he see his only son. Due to his insufficient time at home, Theodore studied and resided at a boarding school in Edinburgh. On Sundays, Theodore would return home for church but rarely did he attend. He preferred to spend his time in the comfort of his own home. In his solitude, Theodore would venture into his father’s office. There he would find a fresh untouched lab coat hanging on the hanger, a pair of high prescribed glasses sitting on the desk, and a set of black shoes upon his entrance. The coat was too big, the glasses were too strong, and his feet were too small to fill his father’s shoes; he wanted to be just like him someday. This was how he found comfort in his time alone.

A knock on the front door; his lips broke into a blissful smile. He hadn’t been counting the days since his father’s last return, but any gap between their encounters was considered long for the boy. He unlocked the door, pursing his lips, ready to greet his father with a warm “welcome home daddy”. As he peered behind the door, his excitement faded.

Displeased, Theodore received news that father had died due to a government experiment. The reason for death was a Lycanthrope bite. The experiment was filed to be dismissed. No further information was given to Theodore that night. His tuition at the boarding school was fully paid, providing him a place to live, while all possessions and savings were to be given to him when he is of age.

Throughout his adolescence, Theodore lived without a parental figure to guide him. In turn, he became absent of moral values and ethics. Going on eighteen, Theodore moved to England to obtain a higher education; rumored he was an Oxford man. He had a pretty face. Theodore became rather social because of it. With little to no moral conduct, he made sleeping with English (wo)men his new hobby. He calls it compensation for lack of a childhood. Of course this only worsened his chagrin. Ill-humored and sullen, Theodore often tried to repress these moods with alcohol and cigarettes. Still, he preferred this life compared to his former.

Minus the sex, drugs, and “rock ‘n’ roll”, Theodore had an agenda. He was a precocious student with a number of endeavors. At the time, Theodore was majoring in biochemistry. He spoke in molecular algorithms and genetic formulae; he was, for better or worse, a scientist. Like his father of course. He was promising, but also a force to contend with. He had theories and ideas far too radical for the time. It involved the supernatural. “The things I would do for lycanthrope DNA” he says.

Theodore made his mark quickly in the scientific community. He published short works regarding his studies. He wrote about numerous topics: composition, coding, and sterilization of supernatural DNA. His critics called him “unethical” and "naïve". Generally, he received negative reactions from the general public. Interestingly enough, his works caught the attention of the Absit Metum. Finding some benefits to his work but also acknowledging what he’s doing is illegal, they agreed to “keep in touch” with each other.

He never knew that “keeping in touch” would lead him to Dresden.

PLACE OF BIRTH, Edinburgh, Scotland.

FACE CLAIM, KUROKO NO BASUKE, seijūrō akashi — theodore reid

INVENTORY, A pack of cigarettes and a lighter in case he ever craves a smoke.

WEAPON, Dual Pistols (2); a set of semi-automatic handguns designed for self-defense purposes. It carries exactly 15 bullets per round and has as reload speed of approximately 1-6 minutes. These guns are not effective for killing, its primary use is to stun or wound. He will only carry them if his work requires him to.

EST (GMT -5)

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PostSubject: Re: Human ♔ Reid, Theodore G.   Human ♔ Reid, Theodore G. EmptyFebruary 9th 2013, 2:38 pm

Welcome to Anomia! After careful consideration, your application has been approved for roleplay and is now in our roster. Before you get to play with your new character, please remember to put a plot ad up! We're really happy that you've joined us and look forward to causing mayhem on our characters!

Human ♔ Reid, Theodore G. JUG5uLz
i'm officially blown away. speechless. in love. ALLOFIT.
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Human ♔ Reid, Theodore G.

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