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 Not Quite There

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Grant J. Steppe

Grant J. Steppe

Gender : Male Posts : 3
Year : Second year

Karats : 110

PostSubject: Not Quite There   Not Quite There EmptyFebruary 3rd 2013, 9:43 am

Not Quite There C8JyxHC

Grant Jeremiah Steppe, Grant is, quite simply, just a normal teenage boy. He didn't know anything like Lycans, Faries or Shifters existed until very little time ago, believing them to be tales of fiction and nothing more. However now that he does know he's exited, exited to know everything about these supernatural beings that he can and meet as many as humanly possible. That's all he wants about of being in Unova, honestly.

Friends. Grant is someone who it's pretty easy to get along with, especially for any supernatural beings. He's never in his life been hurting for friends, in fact he was pretty popular back home, and most people find it to be pretty easy to hang around him. Some people might find him a little bit annoying, and others might be infuriated by what appears to be stupidity... But most can look over that, mainly because he's a pretty fun guy to hang around if a little weird at times.

Enemies. Grant, for as long as he can remember, has never had an enemy in his entire life. Of course there's been a few people who wanted to pick on him back when he was younger, mainly because he always seemed to be a pretty wimpy target, but outside of that... Nothing. He's not at all confrontational, and he seems pretty quick to befriend anyone and everyone. The only proper way to become his enemy would to be a bully of any kind, particularly to people who he considers his friends. That said he's not going to do much about it, considering the last time he got involved trying to save someone he got stabbed.

Romances. Hah. Romance. Grant's never been one to care about anything like that, he's even gone so far as to accidently and unwittingly 'Friend Zone' one or two girls that were interested in him. He never understood why they were pissed at him after, he's completely oblivious to any signs that someone might have such feelings for him and he's never felt any want to be romantically involved with anyone. He's got no interest in anything of the sort, especially now when he has all this stuff to learn about supernaturals. That's much more important to him. Plus who'd want him of all people?

• Established relationships.

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Nerina P. Guerra

Nerina P. Guerra

Gender : Female Posts : 18
Karats : 270

PostSubject: Re: Not Quite There   Not Quite There EmptyFebruary 8th 2013, 8:56 pm

grant & nerina

teacher & student, looks like grant is a second year and taking literature, which means that nerina here is his teacher! she's very protective of her students and wants to do everything in her power to see them succeed, so he can always come to her for help: whether it be academic or personal. i wouldn't go so far as to say they would be friends since there's about an eight year age difference and he's her student, but maybe she could just be one of those friendly, reliable teachers to go to for advice and such? feel free to throw anything else out. c:
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Not Quite There

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