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 IN CADENZA (Stefan)

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Lili A. Balsereit

Lili A. Balsereit

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PostSubject: IN CADENZA (Stefan)   IN CADENZA (Stefan) EmptyJanuary 29th 2013, 9:45 pm

the faustian

It was approximately 10 o’clock in the evening, the streets were near empty and the sun had long set below the horizons. A young girl and her shadow stood lackadaisically beside a street light- her name was Lili. Lili watched the light signal from red to green a few times, but never move an inch from her spot. She was satiated and without purpose. She was in the state of ennui, in other words, she was bored. It was the sort of bored that comes from having too much time in your hands- so much time, that you start to dwindle in your own thoughts repeatedly until they become stale.

She had theories; maliciousness does not ensure prosperity but the malicious do seem to prosper. Lili revisited this thought often. It has been haunting her throughout her adolescence. She mumbled under her breath the words: “bono malum superate… overcome evil with good”. Her lips curved into an unsure smirk. Was she meant to be here, was she meant to become a righteous murderer? It’s almost ironic that she would be part of the Absit Metum. Was she here to overcome evil or to prosper? These are questions with no answers. This inner conflict had rendered her stagnant.

“Ten et demi o’clock…” she muttered in a subtle French accent. She hesitated, but made no real significant move from her spot. Lili exhausted a heavy sigh, trying to release some of her stress. Sulking in her solitude had made her nothing but somber. In the midst of her melancholy, she decided to rummage through her school bag for some entertainment. Coincidentally, she pulled out Goethe’s “Faust”. She gave a light and insincere chuckle at it. According to old German legend, Faust was a highly successful and ambitious man who made a pact with the Devil for “unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures” and all because he was bored.

Emmerder... Piss off,” she swore under her breath. “Is this some sick joke God?” Lili was unsure whether to take this as an omen or coincidence, but of course c’est la vie. She wasn’t against reading "Faust". Besides, what if one day she did meet the Devil? With that, Lili turned to page one.

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Stefan R. Finley

Stefan R. Finley

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PostSubject: Re: IN CADENZA (Stefan)   IN CADENZA (Stefan) EmptyFebruary 9th 2013, 3:45 am

IN CADENZA (Stefan) 31_zpsd67e3f33
Rarely do the members of Hades see him out of the office lately, so a simple hoodie sufficed in deflecting attention away from his person. Stefan doesn’t mind. In fact, he feels the most at ease while other eyes pass him over. Most at ease. He doesn’t suppose that he has known what it feels like to be carefree since exiting his mother’s womb. The presence of wolves has always been apparent to him, and old habits die hard. Maybe it’s a more feral kind of instinct, but Stefan has always been quick to deny any trace of shifter blood in him. He wouldn’t be in this position if his master had detected any trace of that filthy blood in his veins.

(he remembers falling and scraping his knee one spring morning. he doesn’t remember crying, but he does remember the gentle bandage pressed against his knee by gentler hands)

Stefan continues watching the girl who stands several strides away from the Hades base. He doesn’t trust the chuckle, nor does he trust the swear that passes the girl’s lips. Her eyes. He thinks that he might be able to trust her eyes.


He had briefed her file for no less than two days in advance, pouring over the dirty fluorescent light of his office (he really ought to get those changed). Even as he makes his own assessments, Stefan had never been the sort of man to rush into a situation with no context whatsoever.

He appraises her shamelessly, for she has already signed away her own life. Everything from her composure to the stresses of her syllables - nothing goes unexamined. Well, almost nothing.

(“i hear a lot of “maybe”, “could”, and “almost”, stefan. are you truly the man to take up the helm?)

(he only laughs coldly. “it is because i am not a prodigal son, master”)

He approaches her direction as naturally as a gust of wind. This particular attack is meant to be shallow and nonfatal, but it will be hard to tell with his speed. He likes to think that it is because of his own efforts, and not from years of observing his own kin rip flesh from bone with the precision of a doctor’s scalpel. Meat is the best while fresh.

The same can’t be said for apprentices, he thinks. Stefan goes for the millenniae - old “blind spot”. Any apprentice who cannot keep the most obvious of weaknesses guarded has no business here. He is mindful to pull his punches - incompetence does happen, and he must be prepared to leave her unscathed.
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