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Blah blah blah content about weather and location and stuff c:

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01.20 Well, after days of tweaking and perfecting and OCD being pacified, we're finally open! Take a look around, meet us in the cbox. We hope you enjoy your stay here at Anomia c:

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PostSubject: 001. THE RULES   001. THE RULES EmptyJanuary 7th 2013, 6:41 pm

the rules

RESPECT, This should be fairly obvious, but guys, use some respect when dealing with anyone and everyone on this site. This means the members, the guests, and staff. I've seen too many administrators getting flack for how they run their sites. If we have a problem with anyone over this issue, you will be warned exactly TWO times and then your ass is getting banned. Never exclude anyone anywhere on this site. If you see a new member on the cbox, say hello, introduce yourself!

REGISTERING & CHARACTERS, When joining, please please please register with a first, middle initial and last name. IE; John A. Doe. If you make a blunder, it’s not a big deal – you can modify it yourself in your profile panel. Please do not name your characters after television, book, movie, or video game characters. We are an original site, BASED OFF OF AND INSPIRED by a few sources. Although this is one of those rhetorical notes, only one character per account is allowed. Do not post in any other forum until your character’s application has been accepted, either; this does not apply to guest and member questions, however.

ACTIVITY & CONTENT, We ask that before you make a second character, that you please have a plot ad AND a thread up with your previous characters. This has been a rule on every site I’ve owned, and it hasn't done me wrong. It’s easy enough – we don’t have a word count but we do encourage a one-paragraph minimum. Ensure dialog is noticeable by either: proper parenthesis, bolding, or colorization; keep post colors modest! It hurts to try to read yellow on a white background, you sadistic bastard you. This helps make sure no one is just making characters to make characters. We don’t have a limit in place but if we need to, we will put one up. We also run on liquid time! But please, don’t bite off more than you can chew; I personally suggest you keep it to 1-2 threads. Just keep up with all your babies and we won’t have any problems. We ask that you post at least once a week and log in as often as possible. If you can’t for whatever reason, please just let us know. This goes for keeping your face claim as well – sign in at least once a week. If a week passes with no activity from you and no notice saying you went away, your face claim may be forfeit. We’ll have activity checks based on interest and actual threading probably once every other month, unless I feel the need to tidy up. Nothing too bad, I promise.

Quality over quantity.

FACE CLAIMS, You can use anyone you want WITHIN REASON. Granted that we’re an anime-esque site, all face claims must be of an anime style. You can use anime, manga, novel games, original content (WITH THE ARTIST’S PERMISSION). I don’t want to see rendered images – this includes the FF series and anything of that nature; if you can get your hands on fanart with the same style as we expect, that’s perfectly fine. Get creative!

GRAPHICS, On our site, we use avatars sized at 150x300, and signatures sized at 600x400, or smaller, though we honestly won't be using signatures that much. If you need help acquiring or making any sort of good quality graphics for your characters, please just ask! The staff would love to help you out. Please do not stretch the page with any images, or use an avatar smaller than the previously mentioned size. If you follow these rules, you won't really hear from us. Don't stuff your signature with a bunch of words and links; keep it minimal. In compliance with our T.O.S. and preference, keep any and all images tasteful. Anything disregarding these rules will be taken down, no questions asked.

RATING, We aim to be a rated R site. This means we will have cussing, violence, possible drug use, potential trigger threads, and fade-to-black sex. If someone begins to detail graphic sex or violence, we ask that they please mark their threads accordingly using the tag [MATURE] in the topic description. However, we heavily suggest that everyone take the fade-to-black route. It’s classier and just looks better for the board overall.

ADVERTISING, Do not advertise through your signature via linking. It’ll be re-linked to god-knows-where and seriously, it's an easy little thing to follow. Please do not advertise through our cbox. Also, advertisements belong in their designated forum. If you post somewhere other than the advertising board, then it will be removed. So just post it where it belongs, please. We're not uptight about double posted advertisements, but you can expect the same from us.

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